dinsdag 15 april 2014

Very honoured & proud of the film & interview David Shah made of me and my Dorpsacademie Mus & Muzen for his website http://www.pantoneview.com (look under expert view) since you have to subscribe to this site David gave me permission to show it also here. ThanX so much David!

De aardige woorden van David Shah op Pantoneview:
JENNEKE VAN WIJNGAARDEN Jenneke is an artist who has created a breeding place in the green heart of Holland, an academy where children, young adults and adults can follow workshops in graffiti. With a heart as big as the sky line of the countryside around her, she believes that there is true art in graffiti and that they have a major role in the life of a community. “Just imagine,” she argues “if Rembrandt had been a street artist! It would have been free for every passer-by to enjoy!” Every year, Jenneke organizes ‘kleur T’op’ an open day in her village of Wilnis.

Ik krijg hier het filmpje niet goed geupload. Kijk op www.facebook.com/Dorpsacademie voor het hele filmpje en nog een heel leuke graffitiles...

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